Rush Immunotherapy Information

Rush Immunotherapy is an alternative form of allergy immunotherapy, or allergy shots. In Rush Immunotherapy, allergy injections are administered frequently throughout a 4-5 hour appointment in the office to advance you to the “maintenance dose”. This is in contrast to conventional immunotherapy which requires 6-9 months of weekly injections to reach the maintenance dose. The advantage of Rush Immunotherapy is that the benefits of allergy immunotherapy will be achieved more rapidly, thus allowing you to feel better sooner. The remote risk is that there is a chance of an allergic reaction during this procedure. However, you are pre-medicated and monitored closely throughout the procedure for any unusual symptoms, and our office is fully equipped to handle this procedure safely.

Following Rush Immunotherapy procedure, the next set of injections need to be given within one week of completing your Rush procedure. Eight more weekly injections are required to help reach your maintenance dose. Compliance to your weekly schedule is strongly encouraged so that you can reach your maintenance dose in a timely manner. Once you complete these weekly allergy injections, you will be able to come in just every other week. Please remember to take your antihistamine the night before or morning of your injection. As always, our injections are done as a walk-in basis for your convenience. We ask that you arrive at least 15 minutes before closing time.

Racine Shot Clinic Hours

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